Other Board Roles:
I also serve on the board’s Finance Committee, Audit Committee (Chair), and Executive Committee. I have previously been the Board’s Secretary and the chair of the boards nomination committee.
Long Ridge is Special to me Because:

In 1971 I accepted an offer to head up the new Long Ridge Upper School (grades 6-8). (I even lived at the school for about 4-5 years!) I spent the following 18 years at Long Ridge, becoming Business Manager, Assistant Headmaster, and Headmaster. From 1971 until 1989 at Long Ridge, I essentially grew up in many ways, from age 24 to 42, maturing (kind of), and becoming a husband to Long Ridge teacher, Kathy King, and father to Andrew Bailey, Long Ridge class of 1996. My fondest memories are of this period of my life at the school that I continue to love. My 50-year relationship with Long Ridge School has, indeed, been an important and rewarding part of my life, one that I hope to continue well into the future.

Other Long Ridge Roles:

Long Ridge faculty member from 1971–1989

  • Upper School Teacher
  • Assistant Head
  • Business Manager
  • Head of School 1985–1989

Alumni parent to Andrew ’96



Director of Accreditation Services for CAIS


Previously held positions:

Assistant head of St. Luke’s
Administrative Manager of The Mead School

Years as Long Ridge Trustee: