What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

There isn’t one particular thing that makes for a “good day” at school. Each day there are a variety of events and moments that collectively contribute towards a “good day.” For me, it’s the child who has an “a-ha” learning moment about a math problem or that they worked really hard on a writing piece, and they are very proud of themselves. Other times it might be a successful lesson I taught that was well enjoyed by the students, and they tell me, “that was fun.” It can also be when students work on a group project and put their best efforts into working together. A good day includes an assortment of events, and there is always something that I can name that always makes it “good.”


I am inspired by:

Teachers who love the art of teaching truly inspire me to be better at my craft for myself and for my students. By watching others teach, I have learned a variety of strategies that I have adopted into my own teaching so that I can best support my students. I have learned that no subject is dull, but rather it is the teacher’s job that needs to bring it to life. I consider myself very lucky to have been in the company of some very passionate teachers as they continue to inspire me with all that they do.


One of my hidden talents:

I love to cook a tasty meal and bake sweet treats. When using a new recipe, I try to embrace my best growth mindset since new recipes can be a challenge at times! A favorite sweet treat I like to make is Banana Pudding. It’s a very delicious dessert that I love to make and share with others.


Something surprising about me:

I love nature and appreciate its beauty by taking walks along trails, local parks, and the beach with my dog and family. There is always something to appreciate during the phases of each season, and I am also grateful when I witness the sunset as no two are alike.



MA—Manhattanville College

BA—Pace University

Years in Education:
Years at Long Ridge: