What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

A “good day” at school is every day at Long Ridge. In K–1, we focus on creating an inclusive, positive, and effective learning environment WITH the children. With the students at the center of learning, children are continuously constructing their own knowledge, raising their hands, wanting to be involved, and getting excited about learning or sharing their ideas. We ask the children, “how do you want to feel at school?” and come together as a class to take care of each other. Simply put, a “good day” consists of a joyful classroom experience filled with happy children who know they are loved and understood by their teachers.


I am inspired by:

The thirst for knowledge that children in their early years possess. I love interacting with the students and encouraging their curiosity, instilling them with passion and a joy for learning. Children have a sense of wonder, imagination, and the promise of possibility. The imaginary play, the pure laughter, the risk-taking, and the “Aha!” moments are ever apparent in the child-centered K–1 classroom. I also strive to help the children develop a strong sense of self and understanding of the world (and people!) around them. I am inspired by and believe in each and every one of my students.


One of my hidden talents:

I can recite the alphabet backwards!


Something surprising about me:

My students would be surprised to find out that I played volleyball in college!



MAT—Manhattanville College

BA—Union College


Years in Education:
Years at Long Ridge: