What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

For me, a good day at Long Ridge is a day filled with event planning, communication building, and teamwork. Of course, a great day is when I am also surprised with an unexpected, major donation from one of our generous community members.


I am inspired by:

Nature, I draw inspiration, energy, and calm from the natural world. Everything in nature is always changing, always moving, and always working to restore balance, all traits I aspire to have.


One of my hidden talents:

Art in its many forms. Art has always come very naturally to me. I paint, draw, sculpt, am an avid potter, and was even a professional Interior Architect for many years. If I have some spare time, you will find me creating something just for the fun of it.


Something surprising about me:

I used to be a surfer, well, a longboarder, to be exact. When I lived in California, I spent many afternoons floating around on my board, catching waves, and getting spooked by playful dolphins that would swim around the swell of surfers.



PhD—Yale University

PhM—Yale University

MS—Yale University

BS—University of California, Riverside

BA Hons—Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University, College


Years in Education:



Years at Long Ridge: