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A diverse

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Statement of Inclusion

Maintaining a “diverse community of learners” has been an integral part of the value system and educational program of The Long Ridge School since its inception in 1938. School founder Harriet Rowland wanted the School “to be a place to learn the beginnings of a good way of life, the start of self-discipline, the bringing together of all kinds of children who would benefit from being together under the right conditions.” Her policy was “to take one in every ten children on a free, or partial fee, basis, depending on the need of the family … But I cannot stress too strongly how important I feel it is for the community and for the lucky children whose parents can afford the full tuition, as well as for the children who are accepted on scholarships, to have this service subscribed to in some way.”


The Long Ridge School defines diversity to include race, ethnic or national origin, religion, family make-up, socio-economic level, gender, sexual orientation, age, languages spoken, belief systems, styles and rates of learning, talents, and traditions practiced. We believe a diverse and inclusive community enriches all students’ educational experience and character and prepares graduates to be peaceful, respectful, and successful world citizens. We endeavor for our graduates to appreciate different points of view and to have a strong sense of social justice and equality while valuing and understanding their own backgrounds.

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Long Ridge School admits children of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. We encourage all to apply and knowing a rich diversity adds value to our community.

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