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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund is the core fundraising activity at The Long Ridge School. It provides the essential funds for running the school each day and balancing the annual operating budget. Tuition alone does not cover the cost of an independent school education. The purpose of the Annual Fund is to help raise funds to cover these additional costs.

Your tax-deductible Annual Fund gift supports The Long Ridge School’s overall picture, supplying the daily tools and experiences that enable children to appreciate academic excellence, individual attention, and a safe environment. The 2023–2024 Annual Fund Campaign runs through June 30, 2024.

Our goal is to reach 100% participation. Foundations and corporations evaluate participation rates when considering a grant. Each gift, no matter the size, is appreciated and counts towards participation. Your support, along with others’, greatly influences our pursuit of outside funds.


We are pleased to report that Trustees already have 100% participation. Many thanks to our Long Ridge community last year; we reached $122% of our Annual Fund Goal with 71% current parent participation. 

Hear what people are saying…

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Our family donates to Long Ridge for many reasons, but chief among them is how fortunate we feel to have become a part of the Long Ridge community. We harbor a real love for the school and feel a strong obligation to give back in return for all it has given us. We have also seen how our donations—whether in time or money—are a direct investment the future of not just our child but all of the students at the school.—Mac Caputo, current parent
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My college-age children attribute their confidence in, and love of learning, poise, diplomacy, and ability to self-advocate to their Long Ridge School experience. They also relish in watching their 1st-grade little brother experiencing it in real-time and on such an individual basis!
Many brochures speak of unique communities built on inclusion. In my 22 years of being a Mommy in Fairchester, I have never seen any other institution actually deliver exactly this as the Long Ridge School does every day. The children learn by example from their teachers, who also provided examples to us parents to replicate at home. Having been involved in seven public and private schools with my four kids, I have never felt so supported and nurtured as a parent. This is why I contribute to the Annual Fund.—Evelyn Myers, current & alumni parent
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Long Ridge is more than a school; it’s a special place where everyone feels welcome, everyone participates in making it a better place, and where everyone feels valued. It is this dedication from the entire community that makes Long Ridge such a special place for our family.—Lisa Mitchell, current parent
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Long Ridge School is a magical place where children continue to grow. The Annual Fund provides the opportunity to show my appreciation to the entire community for fulfilling my child’s growth. I am a proud supporter of the Annual Fund for the past ten years.—alumni parent

Progress to Date


School Participation


A high level of participation is just as important as the donation amount; 100% participation visibly demonstrates our community’s dedication to the school.

Class Participation as of February 1, 2024
Beginners 22%
Nursery 47%
K–1 50%
2–3 79%
4–5 57%
Total 50%


Board of Trustees 
Trustees 100%


Thank you for your support, we can’t do it without you!


raised of $137000 target.

Giving Levels


Great Horned Owl $10,000+
Great Gray Owl $5,000–$9,999
Snowy Owl $2,500–$4,999
Hawk Owl $1,000–$2,499
Screech Owl $500–$999
Tawny Owl $250–$499
Barn Owl $100–$249
Spotted Owl $1–$99
Elf Owl Fundraiser
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