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Celebrating childhood,

preparing for the future

Tuition & Affordability

An education at The Long Ridge School is a unique experience where children flourish through an education designed just for them. We nurture each child’s strengths and interests, instilling in them confidence and leadership skills fostering the foundation for a fulfilling future. Long Ridge students develop a love of learning from a young age that they then take with them throughout their lives. A Long Ridge education empowers and challenges these youngest of learners to excel through our interdisciplinary curriculum, which offers hands-on, experiential learning—encouraging our students to think creatively, engage deeply, and develop a lasting affinity for the process of discovery.


We at Long Ridge understand that sending your children to our school is an investment, not just financially, but also in your children’s future, perhaps the most important one you can make. To support our families and the socioeconomic diversity of our school, Long Ridge offers a program of need-based financial aid. More information can be found below.

Financial Aid

The Long Ridge School is committed to a student body that is economically, ethnically, and socially diverse. The Board recognizes that tuition is a major expense for families. We are proud of our generous financial aid program. Our financial aid program is one way the Board of Trustees strives to enable the broadest possible group of students to benefit from a Long Ridge education.


Financial Aid awards are available for qualifying current and incoming Nursery through Grade Five families and are solely based on demonstrated need. Financial Aid is determined using the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS), a National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) division. Interested families submit a Parents’ Financial Statement, one for each parent/guardian in the case of separated or divorced parents or guardians, providing detailed financial information to SSS. SSS evaluates the information based on a formula nationally accepted by independent schools. The report results are then sent to The Long Ridge School and the family.

Application Deadlines

December 15th

current families

January 15th

new families

Financial Aid Documents

Documents to be submitted to SSS by January 15th:


  • Parents’ Financial Statement, completed on the SSS website
  • Copy of prior and current year signed IRS 1040 tax form and all supporting schedules
  • All prior and current year W-2s
  • All prior and current year business schedules
  • Current tax documents must be received by April 16
The Long Ridge School admits children of
any race, color, national, or ethnic origin.