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A diverse

& globally inclusive


Diversity Forums

The Long Ridge School has a rich and longstanding tradition of celebrating diversity and multiculturalism. Long Ridge’s Diversity Forums are essential touchstones to our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.

“This platform fosters awareness and facilitates discussion among our adult community,

and Long Ridge is proud to honor this commitment,”

—Carissa Lewis, Head of School

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Past Diversity Forum

Topics and Speakers

Lies My Teacher Told Me
& How to Avoid Them

Sixth Annual Diversity Forum—March 11, 2021


An evening with the renowned American sociologist, historian, and author Dr. James W. Loewen. The Long Ridge School, in partnership with The Ferguson Library, Domus Kids, and Stamford Stands Against Racism jointly hosted their 2021 Diversity Forum.


Discussion Topics

  • How to better understand and acknowledge the inequity that exists in our country
  • The important role our schools play in perpetuating white supremacy and racial injustice
  • What can we do as teachers and school leaders to unravel racial injustice within our walls?
  • What should we as parents, caregivers, and concerned denizens be demanding from our schools?


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Unconscious Bias
and Intentional Inclusion

Fifth Annual Diversity Forum—April 25, 2019


The Long Ridge School was honored to present Tanya M. Odom, Ed.M., as she shared her insights on how we can address and attempt to correct unconscious bias with intentional inclusion.


Discussion Topics

  • Understanding the importance of intentional inclusion and ways to mitigate bias
  • Building an understanding of the value and benefit of diversity and inclusion as essential life skills for today and the future
  • Using children’s natural curiosity to understand differences and similarities and learn from them
  • Understand the importance of creating environments where children feel a sense of belonging
strengthening community ties

Fourth Annual Diversity Forum—April 6, 2017


Please join us to hear Michael Eatman, M.A.E., share his insights on “Inclusion: strengthening community ties.”


Discussion Topics

  • Exploring diversity and inclusion as a change process
  • Honoring the power of each community member’s perspective
  • Using compassion as a tool for engaging in complex interactions
Continuing the Conversation:
developing cultural competence in ourselves and our children

Third Annual Diversity Forum—March 1, 2016


The Long Ridge School is honored to present Tiffany Taylor Smith, M.S. Ed., to share her insights on how we can develop cultural competence.


Discussion Topics

  • Share individual cultural stories and 21st-century global skills
  • Explore definitions of cultural competency, diversity, & inclusion
  • Discuss areas of comfort and discomfort with cultural identifiers
Helping our children take
an honest look at Diversity

Second Annual Diversity Forum—March 4, 2015


The Long Ridge School was honored to present Dr. Valerie Purdie-Vaughns, who shared her insights on how our children and we can take an honest look at diversity.


Discussion Topics

  • Understanding the emotions around cultural, racial, and economic differences
  • How to navigate the messages our brains tell us about being different
  • How to have productive conversations about diversity with our children.
With Diversity
Comes Responsibility

First Annual Diversity Forum—October 3, 2014


As schools around the country work to create a diverse student body and staff, an interesting conversation emerges about whether young people are being given the support they need to truly integrate into their school communities.


Discussion Strategy Topics

  • Help children cope with economic and racial diversity
  • Address the unique self-image issues mixed-race children face
  • Help educators provide the correct type of support to serve a diverse student body

Moderators: Catherine Crier and Gwen Edwards

Panelists: Tracey Laszloffy, Wendy Van Amson, Susan R. Snyder, and Barbara Crouch


Professional Development: Ken Hardy visits with LRS teachers: “Develop a multicultural perspective.”—Summer 2014

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