Student Benefit

December 6–17, 2021

Welcome to the Long Ridge 2021 Read-a-Thon, which celebrates reading while raising money for our school. At The Long Ridge School, we foster and nurture a love of reading as reading skills are essential to educational success.


Our Read-a-Thon takes place over a two-week period (Dec 6–17). During this time, students and staff record minutes they read, whether at school or at home, individually or in a group. All reading counts! Our readers are also asked to solicit donations to support, encourage, and celebrate their efforts while fundraising for our school. If each student and staff member collects just over $100, we will reach our fundraising goal of $10,000—helping to ensure that Long Ridge can continue to provide the formative education that students and alumni have valued for over 80 years.


Each student and staff member has their own personal fundraising page. All participants have been grouped into teams: Beginners, Nursery, K–1, 2–3, 4–5, and Specials & Admin. Each team has a collaborative team fundraising goal based on the number of team members.

All reading accomplishments will be celebrated together during the Dec 17 assembly.



Sponsorship Total


Thank you for your support


Team Minutes Read


Beginners Team: 21.2 hours

Nursery Team: 18.6 hours

K–1 Team: 205.5 hours

2–3 Team: 82.2 hours

4–5 Team: 93.3 hours

Specials & Admin Team: 33.7 hours


Total 454.4 hours!


Links to the event and team fundraising pages: