What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

An especially “good day” at school is when one of my students has found that suddenly something that was hard is now easy; it’s those “I can do it!” moments.


I am inspired by:

What inspires me is when I hear the enthusiastic sounds of children’s voices chatting or their happy singing and when I see their big broad smiles. School and learning should be joyful, I think, so when I hear or see the signs that this is happening, I know that at Long Ridge, we’re delivering the best learning experience possible.


One of my hidden talents:

Here’s a hidden talent that few know about me: For some years, especially during the summer vacations, I worked at becoming an artist and was good enough to sell quite a few paintings.


Something surprising about me:

What might surprise people is that my first paid job, when I was only sixteen, was teaching at a summer camp, and I taught the youngest group everything from swimming to crafts. My next big teaching job was immediately after college when I was hired to teach at The Metropolitan Museum; of course, what I was teaching was about the different art collections, and it was the visiting school groups that I was teaching. My many years of teaching at the wonderful Long Ridge School have been the best of all. What is really interesting to me is that in my family, there have been many, many teachers and artists.



Post Masters Certification—College of New Rochelle

MAT—Manhattanville College

BA—Hollins College

Years in Education:
Years at Long Ridge: