What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

Every day is a good day at Long Ridge School. I started here as a parent, returned a few years later as a teacher, first in Nursery, and then in K-1. I am now a learning specialist at the school. Through the years, it continues to be a place where loving kindness prevails. And that makes every day at school a good day.


I am inspired by:

The children inspire me—talking with the children, listening to what they wonder about, what they observe, and most importantly, seeing them grow and thrive.


One of my hidden talents:

I love to cook, and I most especially love to cook with my daughter. She says that I chop vegetables faster than anyone she knows.


Something surprising about me:

The first school I went to was in England and had a very similar approach to learning as the Long Ridge School. When I first came to Long Ridge, it felt familiar and wonderful.



MSBank Street College

BAEmpire State College, State University of New York The City College of New York

Years in Education:
Years at Long Ridge: