What makes a good day at Long Ridge for me:

A “good day” at school is every day at Long Ridge. It is chilly fall days, studying colorful leaves or building forts with sticks. It is icy winter mornings that instantly brighten with excitement for sledding and outdoor adventures. It is breezy spring afternoons harvesting vegetables in the garden or sketching flowers. It is hot summer days, playing math games outside or enjoying a good book under a tree. No matter the weather or other life variables, we are instantly transported into a community of peace, belonging, and positivity at The Long Ridge School.


I am inspired by:

As cliché of a “teacher answer” this is, I am inspired by reading and writing. At any free moment, you can find me with a book in my hands or an audiobook humming in my ears. Writing has also been a passion of mine my entire life. Throughout elementary school, I spent my free time writing a series of books about an eraser frog (named “Froggy”) that my first-grade teacher gave to me. In my teenage and college years, I kept stacks of journals that I wrote in nearly every day. Reading and writing have always been my means of expression, reflection, and inspiration.


One of my hidden talents:

One of my hidden talents is that I speak Spanish pretty fluently. I began studying the language in 7th grade and kept it going as my minor in college. I spent a semester of college living in Madrid and took history, sociology, and art classes taught entirely in Spanish.


Something surprising about me:

Some students may be surprised to find out that I am a twin. More surprising, my family is full of twins: my dad is a twin, my sister is married to a twin, and my cousin just had twins. My twin sister, Abigail, is my best and closest friend. We shared a room our entire childhood, went to the same college, lived together in our early 20s, and even worked at the same company for our first jobs!



MS—Long Island University

BA—Fairfield University


Years in Education:
Years at Long Ridge: